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Warfare Entertainment is a Christ-centered, faith based, entertainment ministry (1st),Business/indie record label (2nd); commissioned and sent out by Jesus Christ to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.

Our main field is music production and recording, but we have also been led by God to produce: Christ-centered movies, sitcoms, videos, comics, video games, plays, publish books, and various Christian merchandise.

Warfare Entertainment's foremost goal is to build a ministry/business that is Christ-centered, so that our children can begin to see the benefit and joy of serving God in their practical everyday lives. We also aim to teach the youth how to advance God's Kingdom with their gifts and talents so that they have a greater understanding of how we are to build up the body of Christ, and heal the hurting souls of the world at the same time.

Our focus is to present to the nations; Christian artist that are (first) Christ Intoxicated and (second) Kingdom minded. Our plan to bring this to pass in 2012, is to: reach out and connect with other like minded Christians and organizations, in order to fight for the future of our youth; and to reach out to our communities so we can better spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations.

Warfare Offers a variety of services to the community in the genre of CHRISTIAN only.

 Our basic foundations of beliefs are:
We BELIEVE the Gospel of Christ:              Col 2:13-15 ( Our Motivation)
We BELIEVE we are at war spiritually:       Eph 6:10-12 ( Our Name Concept)
We BELIEVE we are to use our weapons to break strongholds:                                       2 Cor 10:3-5 ( Our Talents)
We BELIEVE its our duty to REP Jesus through our talents:                               Matt 10:32-33 ( Our Program Birthed)
We BELIEVE we are to witness to all: Matt 9:11-13 (Our Ministry Commission)
We BELIEVE salvation is crucial:              Matt 7:24, 26 ( Why We're Determined)
We BELIEVE God's got this ministries back: Matt 10:26-28/Romans 1:16

& We are not scared or ashamed to rep the name JESUS!!!
 Thank You For Stopping By!



Warfare provides professional talent management to a select few clients yearly.
These clients are carefully chosen through a screening process and will be
mentored on a one on one basis to cultivate their talent. Some might not need intense
mentoring and may be further along in their careers, or ministries; at which point we can provide the professional services they need that will allow them to balance out their daily lives and not be overwhelmed professionally.


We provide instrumentals ( beats) for all occasions. Our elite producers are top notch on and offline and able to cater to your industry needs. We provide industry quality at prices that are affordable to other Christians to assist them in their ministry, or career, We also offer studio time and other studio services.

The most vital part of this organization is our community outreach services, we are involved deeply with our community in various ways and all monies donated or raised by Warfare goes into not only keeping
 us operational and paying staff but to the community! We hold neighborhood block parties to raise community awareness and promote positive Christian alternatives to entertainment. We are involved in community
activism through Councils, Boards, and Educational Programs as members , volunteers, and board members.


 We also sponsor various community events, such as, little league, school athletics, and more!

We are also starting a online E-Zine to educate the community on positive alternatives to entertainment
 and promotion of local artists!           (COMING SOON)

Minister Earl (C-Minor) Carruthers Jr



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